Erdogan threatens to overrun Europe with — potentially — millions of migrants


Dictator of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced last week that he would flood Europe with Syrian refugees. He has started to do exactly that and the NY Post Editorial Board fears it is the end of Europe.

On Friday, Ankara announced it was opening Turkey’s land and sea borders with Europe to allow potentially millions of refugees and asylum-seekers from Syria and other lands free.

They usually go to the EU via Greece.

Erdogan is blackmailing the West for help in conquering the last rebel-held stronghold in Syria. The fighting sends Syrians to Turkey where there are 3.5 million living at the present time.

Greece has refused to let them in and suspended all asylum applications for a month. They say they will deport all illegal aliens.

The migrants are creating violence and mayhem in Greece.

Some refugees are coming by sea.

EU law forbids Greece’s ban on refugees and migrants, but most of Europe has had enough of the refugees.

Italy has a problem with Coronavirus and a wave of immigrants won’t help.

The EU is facing extinction. Britain has left the EU, Germany’s Merkel is retiring with no real successor, and Macron is very unpopular. There are movements in Germany and France to leave the EU.

The Europeans bribed Erdogan the last time he threatened to release the refugees. That was only a temporary solution for Erdogan.

Erdogan helped destabilize the EU in 2015 by flooding the region with migrants. Germany and the technocrats in Brussels led the way in how to handle them, welcoming them and demanding every member of the EU join in. If the other EU nations didn’t agree, they were called racists and cruel and threatened with enormous fines.

The most alarming thing about the powerful dictator Erdogan is he seeks to rebuild the Ottoman Caliphate. He has no regard for the West or Western values. Also, Erdogan has one of the largest armies in the region. Then there is the fact that Europe is weak and no longer fights for their values if they even hold them any longer.

Lastly, Erdogan doesn’t want the migrants either. They cause him problems too.

Europe will try to buy them off again.

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