Supreme Court might take up election challenge cases by Trump campaign


The Supreme Court might take up several of the election challenge lawsuits in the February conference.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday scheduled several high-profile contest-of-election lawsuits, including ones brought by attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, and the Trump campaign, for consideration at its Feb. 19 conference, reports The Epoch Times.

According to a case listing, the lawsuits include Sidney Powell’s Michigan case (20-815), the Trump campaign’s Pennsylvania lawsuit (20-845) and Wisconsin lawsuit (20-882), the Pennsylvania lawsuit brought by Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) (20-810), and Lin Wood’s Georgia case (20-799).

We are all supposed to believe saying the election was rigged is a conspiracy theory. Yet an article in Time proved it was rigged.

Molly Ball’s article in Time: ”The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign that saved the 2020 election,” details a conspiracy by Big Tech, BLM, organized labor and big business, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, to defeat Trump’s reelection.

They claimed they are saving democracy.


Were they all puppets of China wonders Clarice Feldman in an article at American Thinker, Rigging the Election for China and Profit?

It doesn’t seem possible that they would be this committed to the cause unless it was something as big as China.

Business, the AFL-CIO, and Black Lives Matter worked together to change voting systems and laws. They banded together to get hundreds of millions of dollars to make voting less secure. They worked with social media to keep the Biden message upfront, and bury the Trump message.

The cabal kept the country terrified of widespread violence if the president won re-election. They hid the Hunter scandal. (4.6 percent of people who voted for Biden said in a poll that they would not have done so, had the information about Hunter Biden’s corruption not been quashed by the media.)”

They even had religious groups involved.

False Protectors of Democracy

“The participants see themselves as the protectors of democracy and want their story told,” the author explains. [They want to rub it in]

Initial moves were coordinated by Mike Podhorzer, senior adviser to Richard Trumka, president of the AFl-CIO. He saw in the  COVID-19  reaction an opportunity to bypass normal, more secure election procedures. He worked with Planned Parenthood, Indivisible, and Move On, “progressive data geeks and strategists, representatives of donors and foundations, state-level grassroots organizers, Working Families Party, racial-justice activists and others, to manipulate the election procedures.”

In time, they persuaded Congress to steer COVID relief funds for election administration. It was a feat aided by the Leadership Conference of Civil and Human Rights.

The $400 million grant proved insufficient for their plan. So, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative dropped ianother $300 million. The National Vote at Home Institute used it to advise secretaries of state on the new, insecure voting procedures. (Chan is the wife of Mark Zuckerberg — Facebook’s chairman, CEO and controlling shareholder).”

They then sent out ballot applications to 15 million people “in key states.” The cabal urged people not to “wait until election day.” ”In the end, nearly half the electorate cast ballots by mail in 2020, practically a revolution in how people vote.”

They also pressured social media to cancel accounts that allegedly “spread disinformation.”

Then There Was the Post-Election Corruption

Huge efforts were undertaken to persuade voters that the final results would not be known on election night. That was only until 70% of the public and media analysts were made to believe that Biden won, Feldman writes.

Then came the absurd coverage of George Floyd’s death. He was ill and overdosing on drugs the day he died. The mostly peaceful protesters appeared and started burning things down.

The biggest benefactor was China. Biden’s selling us out to them and other nations like Iran and the EU.

Read the story at Time Magazine. It’s shocking. Why, after this, is it still a conspiracy theory to wonder about corruption in the election?

The Gateway Pundit was just suspended indefinitely by Twitter after they reported they will release more election fraud video. If the election fraud questions are so preposterous, what are they all afraid of?


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