Surgeon General says to wear masks in the home around your children


The CDC is running the country, at least where the virus is concerned. and Dr. Fauci plays a big role. At the same time, we hear ever-growing hints that the government will lock us down again.

President Biden said in a statement Tuesday that America could “avoid the kind of lockdowns, shutdowns, school closures, and disruptions we faced in 2020″ if people follow the CDC’s rebooted mask guidance. He repeated a statement along those lines today, hinting there could be another lockdown (see clip below).

But President Biden also said in May that “If you are fully vaccinated, you no longer need to wear a mask,” a position his administration reversed due to its concerns over the Delta variant. “So why should Americans trust him now?” asked Fox News’ Peter Doocy. Doocy asked again this week.

This, after promising he wouldn’t shut down the economy in a tweet that has been retweeted by a lot of his surrogates recently.

Dan Crenshaw, like a number of Congressmen, is telling people: If the CDC, Biden, or any local leader recommends another lockdown, don’t comply. Businesses. Schools. Restaurants. No one should comply.

Een more fantastical is the guidance coming from the Surgeon General. He is telling us to mask up at home around our children. As an educator, I can tell you definitively that it’s insane.

This is all to prepare us for the coming lockdown, even though evidence shows the delta variant not as lethal as the original. Deaths continue to go down.

There will be other variants and they can be used to corrupt the 2022 election.

Vaccines are “highly effective” but everyone has to wear a mask.

Biden warned just hours ago that we have to get vaccinated to avoid shutting down our schools, our businesses.



  1. The Surgeon General has his head up his ass! Not only that, prolonged mask wearing is dangerous for some people. Why are there so many CLOWNS in the Government?

    I don’t think the vaccines are highly effective. If we did Antibody testing we would find that most of the population has Natural Immunity and Covid-19 is just a Grand Hoax. I have positive IGG tests, but for some reason the Government thinks I’m a problem when their are some people who don’t develop anti-bodies after being vaccinated. Is that why we are seeing so many break through cases in vaccinated people?

  2. At Allentown the other day I didn’t see Bidet in any mask and the 20 true believers didn’t have one.
    He also hugged one comrade citizen of the glorious unity collective.

  3. I keep reading the high incidence of people getting covid after being vaccinated, if this is the case, then it’s just so it’s not as bad? This would mean the infection rates detailed by Big Pharma are incorrect? So many questions, lockdowns, mail out ballots, new citizens being able to vote all at once, photo ID’s, is there nothing the dems will not do to cheat?

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