Survey: 44% of Millennials Say Misgendering’s a Crime


According to a new survey, almost half of millennials think misgendering a transgender person should be a CRIMINAL offense, Daily Mail online reports.

Almost half of millennials believe using incorrect pronouns for a transgender person should be considered a criminal offense.

A survey conducted by Redfield & Wilton Strategies for Newsweek suggested that among those aged between 25-34, 44 percent favored the idea. Only 31 percent disagreed.

The issue of transgender rights and its implications on women’s rights has become a contentious political topic across the United States, says Daily Mail. Right! They’re trying to erase women, and we women don’t like it.

This is beyond ridiculous if true. I find it hard to believe, but who am I to say?

Similar sentiments were found among those aged 35-44. In that group, 38 percent favored criminalizing misgendering someone, while 35 percent were against it.

About one quarter – 26 percent – were unsure or did not express an opinion.

Among the general population, only 19 percent of the 1500 surveyed support misgendering being criminalized. Another 65 percent are against such laws being created.

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