Tucker Savages Pence-Like Beating Your 5-Year-Old at Ping Pong


This clip is brutal. Tucker said he wanted to make some general observations other than savaging Mike Pence. It was too easy. You don’t feel good when you beat your five-year-old at soccer or ping pong.

Mike Pence really couldn’t handle an interview with Tucker.

Tucker opposes the Ukraine War and was irritated about Mr. Pence’s focus on Ukraine when our country is crashing and burning.

When Tucker asked him where the concern for the United States was, he said, “It’s not my concern,” and then repeated it robotically to give himself time to think of something else to get himself out of his predicament.

He never explained why he thought it wasn’t his concern and came off as a warmongering neo-con. I don’t think we can call the people leading the country neo-cons any longer because the neo-libs are in on this one big time.

I hope Lindsey Graham agrees to sit for an interview with him so he can explain why we’re in Ukraine when our border is overrun by unvetted strangers.

Tucker Carlson destroys Mike Pence over Ukraine aid: “Every city in the United States has become much worse over the last 3 years.. and your concern is the Ukrainians..”
by u/PachelbelDC in walkaway

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