Susan Rice Blames a $16T Shortfall in GDP on RAAACISM


Susan Rice, who lied on five Sunday News shows about Benghazi, claims that systemic racism cost the economy $16T.

“In the last 20 years, the U.S. had a GDP shortfall of $16 trillion due to discrimination against black Americans,” Susan Rice, director of the United States Domestic Policy Council, said during a speech at the National Action Network convention. “If we closed our racial gaps, we could add another $5 trillion to GDP over just the next five years. And in case you’re wondering, that’s not my math, that’s according to Citibank.”

She is talking about wealth redistribution, reparations, and justifying by making whites the cause of the wealth inequality.

If Outcomes Are Different, It Must Be Systemic Racism

She is quoting a ridiculous 2020 report by Citibank globalists. They were blaming the GDP shortfall on systemic racism. The report presents no proof of a system run by white people that keeps black and Hispanic people down. They conjure up their theory based on disparate outcomes. These ‘researchers’ aren’t talking about equality. They are talking about equity.

The claim is that without the black-white wage gap, $2.7 trillion in income would have been added for consumption or investment. That multiplied into $16T. This is just made up. The tale goes on from there.

For example, the authors of the report write, “The Urban Institute found intangible factors are contributing to the widening racial housing gap, highlighting the need for targeted policy solutions.”

If they’re intangible, why would anyone attribute it to systemic racism?

Outcomes are not indicative of anything in of themselves. Where is the evidence? Who is running this system?

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