FBI Ignores Former White House Stenographer With Evidence Against the Bidens



Mike McCormick, a former White House Stenographer, said he witnessed Biden and aide Jake Sullivan commit crimes on a trip to Ukraine. He claims Joe Biden promised to help the corrupt post-Soviet country build its gas industry. Undisclosed was the fact that Hunter Biden was already on the Burisma board.

Burisma is the corrupt Ukrainian gas giant.

The Story

According to the New York Post, McCormick said he has relevant information implicating Joe Biden in the family’s business affairs in Ukraine, and submitted a tip to the FBI in February.

Mr. McCormick was on Air Force One with Jake Sullivan, then a Biden aide. They were headed for Kyiv on April 21, 2014. Sullivan told reporters as an anonymous ‘senior administration official” that the US would help Ukraine’s natural gas industry. The public didn’t know that Hunter was already a board member.

The FBI has ignored President Joe Biden’s role in the family’s foreign influence-peddling “conspiracy” in Ukraine, according to former Obama White House stenographer Mike McCormick.

Hunter’s position on the board was not disclosed by the company until May 12, 2014, nearly a month after Sullivan’s statement to reporters.

Nelson wrote that “In December 2014, Congress approved a $50 million package for Ukraine’s energy sector, including the natural gas industry. The Obama administration supported it.

At the time, Joe Biden served as the “point person” on U.S. foreign policy toward Ukraine during the Obama administration.

McCormick tried to submit a tip to the FBI but never heard back. The FBI is the agency that shut down the Hunter laptop investigation.

“Joe Biden committed crimes in Ukraine in a conspiracy with [current national security adviser] Jake Sullivan,” McCormick told the Post. “I’m a witness to that happening.”

As Mr. Nelson writes, “…the world’s wealthiest country would help the deeply corrupt post-Soviet state build its gas industry.”

McCormick said he wants to testify before the federal grand jury in Delaware. They are investigating Hunter for tax and gun violations.

“I’ll go under oath before anyone who needs to hear the truth about Joe Biden’s criminal activities,” he said.

McCormick can directly tie Joe Biden to a foreign influence-peddling “kickback scheme.”

Joe Biden Admitted It on TV

Biden forced the firing of Ukraine prosecutor Viktor Shokin, who was investigating Burisma, while his son Hunter was on the board. In the clip below, Biden threatened Ukraine’s President Poroshenko on TV, and Shokin was fired.

Biden oversaw USAID to Ukraine, amounting to three $1 billion payments allocated annually in 2014, 2015, and 2016. Reportedly, this was without documents or audits.

Read more at the NY Post.

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