Susan Rice condemns Pompeo for calling it ‘Wuhan Virus,’ suggests he’s racist


Former National Security Adviser, Susan Rice, is famous for lying on five Sunday news shows, claiming the Benghazi attack was the result of a video that about 12 people viewed. She is now calling Secretary of State Mike Pompeo “shameful” and racist for calling the Virus, the Wuhan Virus. That is a term that was widely used until the media saw it as a way to demonize the right.

Perhaps we need to follow The Epoch Times’ advice and call it the Chinese Communist Party Virus or CCP Virus.

Chinese Communists are the ones who hid the virus, at least from November. It was Emperor Xi who denied community spread as late as mid-January, along with the compromised World Health Organization.

China’s bi*ch, the World Health Organization, also repeated the propaganda straight out of the U.S. media and China. They claim it is racist to call it the Chinese Virus or Wuhan Virus.


It is not bigoted to call a virus after the place where it originated. It doesn’t mean people are stigmatizing Asian people. Wuhan is a place, period. Who would be biased against an entire, huge area of the world? This is utter nonsense. If you believe the socialist Democrats, the right hates Asians, blacks, anyone who lives to the south of us, LGBTs, women, and more. It’s absolutely absurd.


The brother of former NSA Mike Flynn says we need to stop following the advice of the World Health Organization. They are China’s mouthpiece.

WHO is the organization advising our advisers and Dr. Fauci thinks highly of them. Not everyone agrees.


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