Tucson man getting death threats barred from complaining


Kelly Walker is a cafe owner in Tucson, Arizona where the politicians in charge think they have the right to embarrass anyone who doesn’t enforce their arbitrary rules. They came up with the idea of the Wall of Shame which is published in the local papers.

They imply that the community should shame them and report them — snitch on them like in Nazi Germany.

This is how the authoritarians started in every government that they take over, from Mao to Hitler to Maduro.

As a result, Kelly Walker, his family, and his employees are receiving death threats and profane messages. The politicians have made it appear as if Walker and the others are murderers of sorts.

Mr. Walker went to a council meeting to explain that he tries to comply but the messages are constantly complaining. He started to read off the messages to show the members of the council just how bad they were and he was arrested so he could be removed.

The council felt the messages were too profane to hear.

They said they didn’t like his language but he was reading the comments of the people writing to him. Even when he said he’d censor the language and they rejected that. He tried to tell them that people were threatening to kill him and his family and they didn’t care.

The council president dishonestly claimed he wasn’t abiding by the rules.

This is Democrat tyranny. If you like what you see, vote Democrat.

Watch this, it’s unbelievable:

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