Swalwell & Hunter are “only the tip of the Chinese influence iceberg”


Andy McCarthy writes that Hunter Biden and Eric Swalwell are only the tip of the Chinese influence iceberg. There is no doubt of that.

McCarthy linked to a Wall Street Journal article by William McGurn, a member of The Wall Street Journal editorial board.

Both of these men, Eric Swalwell and Hunter Biden are highly connected:

What do Eric Swalwell and Hunter Biden have in common?

Both are highly connected, Mr. Swalwell as a member of the House Intelligence Committee and Mr. Biden as the son of the incoming president. Both have made news for their dealings with China, Mr. Swalwell for his relationship with a Chinese spy named Christine Fang, and Mr. Biden for business deals made with enterprises connected to the Chinese Communist Party. Both also benefit from a U.S. press corps uninterested in getting to the bottom of their stories.

Hunter Biden’s laptop was made into a case of ‘Russian disinformation’ and the China connection was not mentioned. To this day, the NY Times will not report it.

The rest of the article explains the CCP threat in clear terms. I taped it so you can hear the entire article. Is it too late to do anything about it? Joe Biden and his appointees are all intimately tied to the CCP or sympathetic to the CCP.


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