Tucker at Turning Point USA talks of a society with no past and no future


In his speech at Turning Point USA, Tucker Carlson explained who he believes our real enemies are and why they do what they do.

Watch this short clip:

In the full speech, he deals with the avowed Marxist groups and the anti-police groups who are trying to overturn capitalism, beginning Memorial Day weekend.

Oddly, the anti-capitalists were destroying small businesses. The large corporations weren’t being damaged. In fact, they were funding the riots. As for the group against law enforcement, they went after the beat cop risking his/her life on the mean streets instead of the FBI.

Tucker thought maybe they weren’t telling the whole truth. Perhaps it’s part of a larger trend — a consolidation of power using these shock troops to get what they want.

Look at who is benefiting from the riots, the lockdowns — billionaires. The values aren’t necessarily left-wing values, they’re corporate values. What you are seeing is the triumph of corporate values over the values of family and all that which made America great. The corporatists want your loyalty above all, Tucker believes.



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