Swamp Critters Bring Back Big Pork


Far-left Democrat Rep. Rosa DeLauro publicly heralded the return of the swamp, the WSJ reports. Actually, no one thought the swamp critters were gone. However, earmarks were banned. No longer!

That’s all changed thanks to two of the swampsters, Rose DeLauro and Senate Appropriations Chairman Patrick Leahy who will soon announce “direct funding for community projects.” In other words, in real speak, earmarks or Big Pork is back.

The candy store is open while we’re drowning in debt, with much of the debt held by nations that hate us.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer has reassured his party that it won’t suffer since the effort will be “bipartisan.” Democrats are counting on spend-crazed Republicans to provide cover.

The WSJ writes:

A few other English words to describe what’s returning: Pork. Logrolling. Sleaze. Bridges to nowhere. Republicans banned earmarks in February 2011 after the term became synonymous with Congress’s embarrassing habit. The late Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma had led a yearslong campaign to expose earmarks as a “gateway drug” to greater spending and corruption. In the face of a tea-party revolt, his colleagues finally chose wisdom.

Democrats are choosing power.

Will Republicans cave, giving Democrats this enormous power?

We are in serious trouble as a country financially. At some point, not too far into the future, the dollar will crash and it will be all over for the United States.

Biden is the biggest swamp critter of all. He spent nearly fifty years as a swampster. Democrats are the party of the billionaires. Watch the clip:

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