Swamp negotiates on socialist infrastructure compromise


President Joe Biden told a barely bipartisan group of legislators that he is “prepared to compromise” on his $2.25 trillion infrastructure plan at a White House meeting Monday. [This plan will be followed by a $4 trillion plan reportedly]

By now, people should realize he won’t compromise on much and only wants to give enough to get one Republican to go along so he can say it’s bipartisan.

Republicans present at the meeting include Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, North Dakota Sen. John Hoeven, Florida Rep. Carlos Giménez, and Texas Rep. Kay Granger. Independent Maine Rep. Angus King was also present along with five Democratic senators and representatives.

All they need is Romney or one of the others to get the title ‘bipartisan’ attached to their socialist and very dangerous bill.

The bill defines everything socialist as ‘infrastructure:’ welfare, climate initiatives, and other socialist programs.

Biden can’t negotiate a thing as he is much too impaired. He just sits, attempts to speak, and the puppetmasters run the show.

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