Swarm of Bad Hombres Throw Sand, Water Bottles, Rocks at BP


Some very bad hombres are coming into the US. Did you know that half of Venezuela’s prisons have emptied out? Now, I wonder where they’ve gone. What do you think? We’re not getting the world’s best.

A shocking video below shows total disregard for our law enforcement of illegal alien men forcing their way into the US on the New Mexico border near El Paso.

Aerial footage was shared by the Texas Department of Public Safety on Thursday. It shows green-uniformed Border Patrol agents on foot and ATVs racing towards the border wall as it’s swarmed on the Mexican side.

At least half a dozen men on the Mexican side used a makeshift ladder to climb the border barrier, which is anywhere from 19 to 30 feet tall.

They swarmed the border wall, throwing sand, rocks, and water bottles. These are the dirtbags that Democrats want in our country.




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