Sweden Won’t Give the Public Crime Statistics of Immigrants


The Swedish government refuses to submit statistics on immigrant crime. They won’t give an explanation. Pro-immigrant, no matter who they are, is pro-Sweden.

Some believe mass immigration is destroying the country but not the Swedish democrats. Recently a very young boy was dragged into a Swedish forest by five Afghan immigrants. Shouldn’t the public know how much of this is going on?

Liberalism Is Only Liberal for Some

Swedes are so welcoming of foreigners that they apply political correctness to anything involving them, including crime statistics.

On Sunday, the issue of mapping the various groups represented in crime statistics was debated on national TV. It is 11 years since the last time such statistics were put forward in Sweden.

Sweden will not even consider it nor will they debate the issue. The leftist government refused to debate the issue on TV or anywhere even though an election is coming up next year.

The last official report that showed the proportion of the criminals who were foreigners, was published by Statistics (Brå) in 2005.

Sweden does not allow discussions of what they deem to be controversial issues. That’s typical of the left, inappropriately called ‘liberals’.

One thing is clear for Swedes. Crime statistics are being buried. The public is not allowed to know.

Sweden is hopeless. Their left consists of three variations of socialist parties, while theright wing consists of the Liberals (“Liberalerna”), the Moderates (“Moderaterna”) and the Center party (“Centerpartiet”). Their right is in the Bernie camp while the left are cheering on Maduro, Castro, Lenin, etc.


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