Sweden’s no mandatory lockdowns or masks worked


Sweden’s population of 10.3 million fared quite well after implementing no mandatory lockdowns or masks over the last year.

They were subjected to the same scare tactics as we get here in the United States. They were all going to die if they didn’t lockdown and mask up.

However, by May, Sweden reported roughly six deaths for every one million people, according to the Financial Times, with 48.9% of its initial coronavirus deaths taking place in nursing homes, according to an analysis by the Swedish Public Health Agency.

Of the currently 12,248 people who have tested positive for COVID-19, 12, 219 are experiencing mild symptoms (99.8%) and 29 (0.2%) are in serious or critical condition, according to woldometers.info.

While the Financial Times warned that Sweden wouldn’t likely see an economic benefit from its no-lockdown approach, as of May, Sweden did well.

According to an analysis by Nordetrade.com: “Covid-19 has had a rather limited impact on [Sweden’s] economy compared with most other European countries. Softer preventative restrictions against Covid-19 earlier in the year and a strong recovery in the third quarter contained the GDP contraction.”

Sweden continues the approach with no lockdowns or mask mandates. There were 8 COV deaths in July. Daily hospitalizations were also close to zero in July, with between zero and two COVID-19 cases requiring hospital treatment nationwide.

Sweden’s numbers are considerably lower compared to 74 and 329 coronavirus-related daily fatalities in the U.K. and U.S., respectively, over the same period.

Booster doses of the COV vaccine will be available for its vulnerable citizens next month.

They aren’t trying to eradicate the virus since they can’t. Instead, they look to prevent serious illness.

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