T-Mobile: be respectful of those who want to “burn this whole place down.”


Frequently looted by BLM and Antifa, T-Mobile stores executives wrote in an email to their 53,000 employees who are 74% minorities, that they should become “anti-racist,” The Daily Wire reported.

After George Floyd died, T-Mobile VP Jacob Freier wrote  “it’s not enough to simply feel good that you don’t contribute to racism.”

“Allies have realized that it’s not enough to not be racist. You have to actually be anti-racist,” Freier, a white man said. “Being neutral is actually part of the problem.”

In one email, he said they should be respectful of the viewpoints of others, and included those who want “burn this whole place down.”

“I want to be respectful about different points of view here, Freier said in his email. “Some people believe that the only way we get meaningful change in this country is to burn this whole place down.”

“If you believe that’s outrageous, I’m telling you I’ve gotten feedback from reasonable people who believe that… What I know is that this violence is not random. It’s important to remember why this is happening.”

According to The Daily Wire, T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert acknowledged in an email that “dozens of our stores in cities nationwide have been significantly damaged, burned, and looted.” Sievert said also that the company would “repair and rebuild” those stores that suffered riot damage and destruction “over time.”

White HR exec Deanna King wants the employees to read the falsified history of the 1619 Project and the absurd theories of Ibram X. Kendi, aka Henry Rogers, which are taken from Critical Race Theory.

King singled out the black community in her email, writing that that “Many groups are the target of racism, however, we need to acknowledge the danger the Black community faces on a daily basis from the racism in our society.”

No, they don’t. They face danger from other blacks in gangs. It’s not racism. It’s criminality.

T-Mobile in February, in honor of Black History Month, launched their programs to create “pathways to prosperity for Black Americans” to “give students, tech professionals, and business owners access to valuable financial, educational and career-development resources.”

They wrote on their blog that “Change happens when everyone has equitable access to resources, and these three programs will provide just that for Black Americans.” The programs were only for black people, specifically for “Students at historically Black colleges and universities, aspiring diverse workers in the tech and telecom industries and Black small business owners — and allies who support them.”

They are offering resources to black-owned businesses, only black, as well.

Blacks are 13% of the population, 74% of their workforce are minorities, and the company is offering resources only to blacks.

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11 months ago

Not being neutral is racism. What the Radicals want is for people to practice racism against people who aren’t racist. The Radicals want Tribalism and division. So, what is their end game beyond anarchy?

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
11 months ago

How can one be respectful of others who have no respect for you, the law, private property (unless it’s theirs), rationality or your opinions and beliefs unless they’re in lockstep with their own.

Pietro Bruniton
Pietro Bruniton
11 months ago

You have to be actually anti-T Mobile in the interest of having a survival instinct and IQ above that of a rock.
Eat shit and then go get ate by the crocodiles fellow traveler corporate whore pieces of shit.

11 months ago

Education? We don’t need no stinking education, is the attitude of many who remain in a rut. It went so far as to legitimize “Ebonics” years ago. Therefore, all the efforts in educational opportunities will undoubtedly fall short.