Taiwan Is Next


Any country supporting Taiwan militarily would face the “worst consequences,” China’s government warned Saturday, adding that “no one and no force” would be able to stop the Communist Party if it took action against the island country, according to a report from Fox News.

China is claiming Taiwan, and Taiwan possesses TSMC the world’s largest semiconductor foundry which dominates chip manufacturing. If China were to take Taiwan and then help North Korea swallow up South Korea, the PRC, and its Allies would control over 80% of global semiconductor contract manufacturing. That would become a virtual monopoly of the future.

China also manufactures 90% of laptops and 70% of the smartphones that Americans use. Additionally, they manufacture some of our most vital drugs. China also controls much of the world’s minerals, including cobalt needed for electric cars.

We mustn’t forget Russia, Russia controls vital fossil fuels, fertilizer, potash, and other necessities for farming.

Ukraine is the model for China’s plan to seize Taiwan. They are watching and taking notes.

CCP sociologist Li Yi said at Beijing’s Chaoyang District Party School said for the world to hear, “We need to reunify with Taiwan province as soon as possible with our overwhelming troops and firepower.” He added that they could learn from the Ukraine war on the road to unification with Taiwan.


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4 months ago

China takes Taiwan and everything goes up another 50%