Taiwan releases letter exposing WHO for failing to alert the world


The World Health Organization has been the subject of harsh criticism for repeating Chinese propaganda and failing to alert the world about the virus in a timely manner. A recently released letter shows that Taiwan warned the WHO (World Health Organization) of the virus in December. If they had, the entire pandemic would have been averted or the danger greatly reduced. Instead, they did nothing.

Taiwan’s December email inquiring about the person-to-person spread of the virus was ignored by the organization that further denied them adequate information about how to fight the virus.

Taiwan is accusing WHO of downplaying the severity and spread of the coronavirus in an attempt to pander to China, even after Taiwan sounded the alarm about at least seven cases of atypical pneumonia that they were aware of in Wuhan, where the virus originated.

When asked about the cases by the media, Taiwan reported China’s health authorities said, “The cases were believed not SARS; however samples are still under examination, and cases have been isolated for treatment,” according to the contents of an email sent by Taiwan’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention to WHO on Dec. 31.

“I would greatly appreciate it if you have relevant information to share with us,” the email said.

If WHO had the samples in December as they said and were examining them, they knew the truth at that time.

They continued to misrepresent the illness through January.


This agency did nothing except play the race card and blame Europe and the U.S. as the illness spread. They are either incompetent or liars. Either way, they want even more money from us. The U.S. provides the majority of their funding. Cut them loose or at least make them shape up with a director not in bed with communists.

It is a Chinese, a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus. China and Dr. Tedros have blood on their hands. We have 20,000 dead and a seriously damaged economy thanks to these communists.

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