Taliban let people they approved board US planes, not Americans


Some of our best are still in Afghanistan trying to save Americans and Afghans who helped us. Many of us are worried about the American U students and teachers and other students and parents stranded in terrorist Hell.

Veterans, contractors, and special forces are doing what Dementia Joe wouldn’t let our 82nd do. It’s almost as if he wants to destroy the image of the 82nd. The commander of the 82nd is WOKE.

Security contractor and intelligence analyst George McMillan spoke with John Bachman on Newsmax today to discuss Joe Biden’s horrendous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

According to McMillan, the Taliban were not allowing Americans to enter the perimeter of the Kabul Airport. Hundreds of Americans and Afghan allies were turned away or beaten by the Taliban. McMillan then told Newsmax that the Taliban allowed their people inside the perimeter to catch airplanes out of the country.

Only 5% of Americans were on those planes.

We heard the exact same story from so many people.

Not only that, as we’ve said several times when the Taliban released the worst of the worst from prisons, they made a beeline for the airport. If they made it, they were the first on line, and those are the people who got on planes.

Can the US afford several 9/11s? Caligula Biden doesn’t care.


h4>The video you must watch/h4>

This Taliban person said 81 million who voted for a man on the mental decline are “retarded.” He has a point.

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