Taxpayers Will Fund a Child Rapist’s Gender Care


A federal judge has ruled that a man convicted of raping his 10-year-old daughter will be allowed to get gender reassignment surgery while in prison, paid for at taxpayers’ expense.

In a ruling earlier this month, U.S. District Judge James Peterson approved the request of Mark Allen Campbell, a 49-year-old Wisconsin man, to undergo gender reassignment surgery, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. The man now goes by the name “Nicole Rose” and has identified as female since 2013, when he first requested the operation.

Wisconsin Dept. of Corrections

This revolting monster who raped his own little 10-year-old daughter is getting taxpayer-paid surgery to make him a “woman.” That isn’t the worst of it. He will go to a woman’s prison to serve out his term.

He’s serving a 34-year sentence.

While he’s awaiting his surgery and still has a penis, he will now be in a woman’s prison. It could take a year, and the surgery might not even be recommended.

Campbell didn’t meet the criteria needed to go to a women’s prison, but a bleeding heart social worker convinced the judge that even though he never lived as a woman in real life, it might not matter since he lived as a female while in prison.

This is what Democrats and socialism are doing for America. This is who we are now.

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d simpson
d simpson
2 months ago

Before a man is allowed to transfer to women’s prison, common sense would require the ‘affirming’ surgery. After all, a functioning man is not a woman, yet.

Once they are saddled with the never healed wounds, they might not be so keen on remaining a woman.

In fact, when they get their functioning female organs in the future of modern medicine, simply the monthly will drive those people further off the cliff, just in slow motion in comparison of the rapid decline of a few years, as the real data indicates for the simplistic barbaric, mutilating surgeries of today..

The humane thing would be to give the guy the full literature on the detransitioners and told to read it, given a test over the material, as well. They might be mentally cured of their condition to realize what a health hell they would be in for.

Most real men will admit they have NO desire to experience the biological life of a woman. Just the hormonal differences create at least a wariness around those certain ‘times of the month.”

Last edited 2 months ago by d simpson
2 months ago

The rapture is coming I believe Obama is the anti Christ.