Millions of Illegal Crossers Welcomed to the USA


Biden granted partial amnesty to 470,000 more Venezuelan illegal crossers, and we know nothing about them. This is a blatant invitation for even more illegal crossers to come to America.

The Wall Street Journal phrased it this way: In a significant concession to New York City Mayor Eric Adams and other blue-state officials, the Biden administration has agreed to make roughly 470,000 Venezuelan migrants eligible for work permits aimed at easing the financial strain on major migrant destinations.

Biden certainly didn’t lose sleep over this “concession.”

Most of these illegal crossers can’t even speak English, and there aren’t enough jobs in New York City, so where will they end up?

“It is critical that Venezuelans understand that those who have arrived here after July 31, 2023, aren’t eligible for such protection, and instead will be removed when they are found to not have a legal basis to stay,” Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said in a statement.

Don’t count on Mayorkas’s statement as truthful.

The Journal stated that 7.1 million are living outside Venezuela, and more are heading for the U.S. The administration claims they can’t deport them because they don’t have ties with Venezuela. The Venezuelans also have no friends or family in the United States and the law requires them to shelter them.

New York Gov. Hochul now complains that they’re here, but it’s highly unlikely she’ll do anything about it. Hochul is a purely political being who will say what works for her benefit. She used to be a government clerk fighting against driver’s licenses for illegals until she realized her fortune rested with the far left.


Biden has another way of welcoming illegal crossers. He will give them all ID cards, pretending the cards are to track them.

“Americans and migrants are dying every day as a result of this Administration’s open borders,” Trump-era CBP Acting Commissioner Mark Morgan lamented to

“What’s their response?” he questioned. “Secure the border? Enforce the law? Protect the American people from fentanyl pouring across the border?”

“Nope. Instead, let’s provide those who are violating the rule of law and adding to the instability of our borders official government documents! Rather than deter the flow of illegal immigration, [they] make it easier to expedite their release into the country following their illegal entry.”

Democrats cared when one little girl died while in Border Patrol custody. They raised a furor over it even though it wasn’t the Border Patrol’s fault. Now, we have people dying daily, and Democrats don’t care.


Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson secretly signed a $26 million contract to build camps for illegal crossers, ignoring the wishes of his constituents.

The constituents voted for this and for the sanctuary city. It was okay with them when the illegal crossers were settling elsewhere, and they were blissfully unaware.

They want to make America better, right? That is what they tell you.

It is an invasion of strangers who care nothing about America.

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2 months ago

Why isn’t any of those overpaid politicians in DC doing anything about this???

Save America
Save America
2 months ago

This is beyond destruction!