Taxpayers Will Get to Pay for Better Housing for Illegal Aliens


Opinion in this article.

If you have rent or mortgage problems, and if your children can’t afford a home, don’t worry. You can always leave the country and return as an illegal alien. Biden’s going to build better housing for illegal aliens at taxpayer expense.

Steve Cortes says, “The globalist ruling class has an answer for you: shut up and dutifully pay for Housing for a torrent of illegal migrants coaxed into America.”

You know how they tell you not to say they are replacing us or they will call us Nazis? What if they are replacing us. This isn’t the fault of illegal aliens. They want to ensure aliens are loyal to Democrats, so they give them everything they need and want at our expense.

The Biden administration is asking Congress to approve a temporary housing program for migrant families illegally crossing the southern border. He wants them to have more freedom, Axios reports.

The Biden government says it has struggled to balance humanitarian concerns about illegal alien children. They want $40 billion for government difficulties making life better for unvetted, anonymous illegal aliens at taxpayer expense.

They aren’t going to close the borders if they are replacing us.


DHS wants the ability to use funds to set up new types of facilities to hold migrant families as they go through an expedited asylum and deportation process.

Almost none of them are eligible for asylum. The administration says they don’t “view this as family detention.” They want to “ease the burden on local shelters near the border to house recent arrivals.”

Sure, that’s it. They don’t care about all the migrants dying, but they really want housing for the ones that get here alive.


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