Teacher Fired for Not Meowing at a Boy Who Identifies as a Cat


According to a PostMillennial report, a teacher was told by school officials — after failing to meow at a student — “We no longer need your services if you can’t identify with all the children in the classroom.”

The teacher, a substitute, said she was taking attendance.

“I’m a sub, and the most important we do is take roll, so the school gets paid. So, I’m looking at the seating chart as I’m going up and down the rows and marking who’s here and who’s not,” said the woman who posted the video, who uses the screen name @crazynamebridgetmichael.

She described the usually simple task. “I get to the third row and I hear this ‘meow!’ Uhhh, excuse me? Excuse me?”

She continues, “I start looking on the ground, through the fourth row—everything’s good. Go to the fifth row—everybody’s there. Then I hear ‘meow!’ I’m like, ‘Okay, what’s up with that? Who’s doing it?’ And this little girl in the very front row says, ‘You have to meow back at him; he identifies as a cat.’ Are you kidding me?”

She explains she indulged in a little sarcasm, asking “Is there a litter box in here somewhere?”

“I probably should not have said that,” she explained. But the student, “gets up and he storms out of the classroom, and I’m like, ‘Ruff!’ Of course, the entire class is laughing. I think, ‘Oh, no problem, no foul.’ I go to the office—Are you ready for this?—to check out. They said, ‘We no longer need your services if you can’t identify with all the children in the classroom.’”

Watch the teacher’s TikTok video:

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