Teachers can now scan students’ brains to see if they are concentrating


Yvonne Ye, writing for BrainCo.Tech, tells us of a new bit of technology that is currently used with athletes but was recently tried out with students in China.

Focus headbands, made by BrainCo in Massachusetts, were tried out with 10,000 school children, ages 10-17, in China. The headbands allowed the teachers to monitor the children’s average attention levels using an app.

Lights on the front of the headsets also show different colors for distinct mental states.

The app is also used to reduce mental stress by teaching you how to calm down based on neurofeedback. It’s a brain training device to help people to focus. The developers are a gamer, athletes, and so on.

The exercises are brain-controlled games and help the wearer to focus. It’s brainwave training.

However, the idea of figures of authority using it to ‘monitor’ anyone or teach them how to behave to concentrate better might be a bridge too far for some of us. It might be better than medicating distractible children or it could be used to simply control.

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