Teacher’s union VP caught vacationing while refusing in-person schooling over safety


The Chicago Teacher’s Union couldn’t care less about the children. They refuse to go back to work in-person using the excuse that it’s not safe. No amount of placating will satisfy them.

A local VP of the union’s executive board named Sarah Chambers is one of those who pretends it’s not safe for children or teachers. The science doesn’t back that up, but she is vocal just the same.

Chambers recently tweeted that special education teachers should not return to work Monday because it’s unsafe.

Obviously, special education children need the education more than anyone.

Chambers is so afraid and careful about her safety that she flew down to Puerto Rico on vacation.

WGN published a photo of her that she posted on Instagram and here it is:

She really looks worried about the virus, doesn’t she?

The post also mentions she previously had COVID, got a negative test result and consulted her doctor before traveling. Sure she did.

The Chicago Teacher’s Union is threatening the possibility of a strike if the district pushes ahead with plans to reopen school buildings.

The school district has done everything the union has asked and yet they plan to strike if told to return to work. These union leaders are miserable, selfish human beings. What they are doing is child abuse.



  1. Umm…where is her face diaper? What about the children, let’s do it for the children!
    Surely you love the children, we must keep the children safe.
    Education is the best thing for the children.
    Good old fashioned 2+2=4 and not some sixty genders, we are so progressive that we made an all genders bathroom sign (made in China) or some other preparation for a world of delusion horseshit that is worthless for what is coming.
    Tip of the hat to WGN for a random act of journalism.

    • Yes, she is very concerned for everyone’s safety. That’s why she flew to a Puerto Rican beach and started posting photos of her gorgeous face with a CDC-approved mask covering her delightfully luscious breasts. Thank you, Chicago educators. You are our unsung heroes. Salute.

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