Teacher’s union’s going to try to get another year off for teachers


Teacher’s union head Randi Weingarten is bucking for another year off for teachers. She’s “going to try to open schools” and won’t commit to opening schools in the Fall. Randi Weingarten is a weasel.


If schools do open despite Biden’s friends in the teacher’s union resisting, they will be forced to wear masks based on lies and no science.

The CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky, lied about more children dying from COV than the flu, either that or she didn’t check her own CDC’s stats. Tucker got the numbers from Phil Kerpen’s thread which came from the CDC website and you can check the thread on this link.


As for masking, it didn’t seem to do anything:

Jerome Powell, who is in charge of the Fed even weighed in on the debate:

“As vaccinations rise we can nonetheless get back to our economic activity,” he added. That’s why it’s imperative that people around the world get their shots.

The Delta variant likely won’t bring about another significant lockdown, Powell said, but “you could imagine school districts to wait a month or two” to open, he said.

Shut up, Jerome. Mind your business.


Keeping schools closed, when children are least affected, is one of the most destructive policies of the pandemic. The scientists and doctors in the bureaucracy, unelected though they are, are ruling over us.

McKinsey & Co. examined spring 2021 test results for 1.6 million students in grades 1 through 6 across the U.S., then compared their performance with that of similar students pre-pandemic. They discovered that the pandemic-era children were, on average, about four months behind in reading and five months behind in math.

However bleak, these numbers “likely represent an optimistic scenario,” McKinsey says. The results measure “outcomes for students who took interim assessments in the spring in a school building—and thus exclude students who remained remote throughout the entire school year, and who may have experienced the most disruption to their schooling.”

The Editorial Board of the WSJ continues:

The McKinsey study doesn’t say it, but teachers unions were the main architects of this calamity by first refusing to return to the classroom, then insisting on watered-down schedules. The data company Burbio found that, by the end of the spring semester, most students could attend school at least part-time. But due to union demands, the return sometimes amounted to a few days or hours of in-person learning a week.

McKinsey found that children in majority black schools ended the school year a full six months behind in math and reading on average. Students in schools where the average household income was below $25,000 were seven months behind in math and six months in reading.

McKinsey notes that “students who move on to the next grade unprepared are missing key building blocks of knowledge that are necessary for success,” and “students who repeat a year are much less likely to complete high school” and attend college. Without “immediate and sustained interventions,” the report predicts the lost learning could slash lifetime earnings by $49,000 to $61,000 on average. This seems low to us, and the damage will be worse than average for millions.

And they claim they care about minority children — but not when it counts.

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