Ted Cruz says no bailing out profligate states, open the economy


Ted Cruz was asked for his opinion today on the ‘growing debate’ of whether the federal government should help bail out state governments, some of whom were in bad shape before the pandemic.

“Well as part of the CARES Act,” he said, “we gave assistance to state and local governments for their work fighting this crisis. But absolutely not! No, we should not bail out states for fiscal irresponsibility that long predated the crisis.”

“You’ve got a handful of big democratic states – states like Illinois, that frankly spent like drunken sailors and are now trying to get the taxpayers in the rest of the country to foot the bill. That’s not right. It’s not fair to Texans – the state of Texas has lived within our means. Most states have lived within their means.”

The federal government should help with relief from this crisis and should focus on recovery, but we should not be bailing out profligate spending of states. States like Illinois want to keep digging the hole and get everyone else to foot the bill.


He also spoke to the draconian shutdown. Freezing our economy for weeks and months is going to kill people too, he said.



Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz wants to pump the breaks on Congress’ spending spree, noting Friday that the nation “cannot spend our way” out of the coronavirus crisis.

Cruz told Fox Business host Stuart Varney that he would not support a Phase 4 stimulus package after having previously supporting three stimulus bills.

“We have spent more than enough money. We cannot spend our way out of this,” Cruz said. “We’ve spent now nearly $3 trillion. We’ve spent 15% of our total national debt, enough is enough.”

“We need to give this money some time to be spent, but more fundamentally, we need to restart the economy,” Cruz said. “We are expected to be back in session in two weeks. When we come back, what I think we ought to focus on is not yet another relief and spending bill, which seems to be what Nancy Pelosi wants to do, but instead a recovery bill. A bill that is designed to help small businesses that are finally reopening their doors.”




  1. I heard out Governor say the Association wants FIVE HUNDRED BILLION dollars of discretionary spending to use in their general funds, for things like “infrastructure”. The State will be Over a Billion dollars in the red otherwise. She wants NO responsibility for closing down the state. The “Public” have to suffer from job loss and forty year old computers keeping them from getting their Federal stipends but not a single Government Employee is losing any pay. They will just postpone New hires. The state could furlough a majority of the administration in education and let them collect unemployment, With the stipend. It would save the state tremendous amounts of money. They could live as the rest of the public. Spending on education takes up about two-thirds of the budget and since schools were shut down for the year there is little reason for ALL those employees to be kept.

  2. You know a 49 state pitch in bailout is coming thanks to Kali or Felonois.
    We’re all in this together comrades.
    I care about you so much as I step all over you to get mine.
    Keep your social distance now because my health is important.
    Forward! Keep the kulaks out.

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