CA doctor lockdown is about control, doctors pressured to put COV-19 on death certificates


Dr. Dan Erickson of Bakersfield, CA, an ER physician, just dropped multiple bombshells that are diametrically opposed to Dr. Anthony Fauci’s guidance.

He emphatically stated we no longer need to stay at home or shutter businesses. He believes COV-19 is no more dangerous than the flu. Quarantining is a health hazard in of itself.

One comment he made is even more disturbing. He said ER doctors are pressured to add COVID-19 to death certificates. He said this is not about science or keeping us safe. It’s about controlling us.

This is just another viewpoint. The illness is bad, but there might be a point in his comments.




  1. It finally warmed up enough to open windows and turn some fans on.
    I had to spray some Febreze after taking a big ol’ barack in the latrine.
    I’ll pass on self-quaranting because some ratfaced fraud named Fauci recommended it.
    Billy Joel is bumping on the box because it is time for some rock.

  2. I would have never understood it they way these to have done, But, I did think it was common knowledge about “good” viruses and bacteria. I guess there isn’t a single reporter who is self-reflective enough to realize how juvenile many of the questions are. I’m left with thinking journalism is one of the most low-skilled professions in the country, not ‘jobs’ but professions. Notice how the President had to tell John Roberts of Fox how “good” of a question he asked. That’s because it is rare for anyone in that room to ask an intelligent one. It was the same with this briefing. When someone is giving a briefing and says, “that’s a good question” we can take it as a rebuke to all the others in that room.

    • There’s some very good documentaries out there about how the media and the CIA (IC) are in bed together to spread the government propaganda. Some talk about how the CIA used LSD to learn how to control and brain-wash people.

      So while journalism “used” to be about reporting information for the public to learn what was happening in society; it has become a “Ministry of Truth” with all that entails from “1984”.

      And journalists are pumped out of the “journalist factories” like Columbia for how they can be good little soldiers of misinformation.

  3. Ventura county lost wo people yesterday, attributed to Coronavirus. One man died from an overdose of drugs, but was put in the column of CVD19. Maybe this is how America’s death rate has climbed to 50K+

  4. Before this virus fiasco, my brother died. He had lumps all over his body, from metastatic cancer. It started as lung cancer and it spread. The doctor listed the cause of death as COPD.

  5. The slimy DemocRATs want as many covid deaths as possible because they hope that will help keep Trump from being re-elected. They are more than happy to see Americans die for political reasons. Lying, cheating, crooked Hillary and the feckless pos clown Obumbler and Benghazi come to mind.

  6. Trump is no dummy. After being stung many times he’s learned the hard way to check staff backgrounds. I’m guessing that he’s keeping Fauci only long enough to get House Lib cooperation on critical bills, then he’ll dump the weasel.

  7. No matter how many doctors expose this CDC scam to label every death as resulting from CV19…we’re still all forced to swallow the pill and pretend it’s just a conspiracy theory…as the Left ensure that the shutdown continues and ruins the economy.

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