Tehran Nancy says she’s “responsible for saving the country”


Speaker Pelosi said she is responsible for saving the country during a presser Thursday. She continues to mourn the death of the terrorist Soleimani again.

Speaker Pelosi drew a moral equivalence between killing a terrorist to killing Vice President Mike Pence. She also said that we assassinated the terrorist as if he were the Archduke Ferdinand.

Soleimani killed thousands of people, but she wants to make a hero out of him.


She made the claim once again that the airstrike was disproportionate. Soleimani was hoping to blow up the embassy and kill other Americans.


She is now lying about only wanting to see the rules. Actually, she demanded the rules run according to her dictates, but she’s now embarrassed so she’s pretending she just wants to know them.

When a reporter asked her about missing the 49ers game, she explained why she had to skip it. “Unfortunately, I’m responsible for saving the country,” she told the reporter.

If that’s the case, we are in big trouble.


Rep. Lee Zeldin addressed her insane “disproportionate” remark.

As Charlie Kirk said, “Pelosi went to Jordan to wreck Trump’s Syria cease-fire. Dianne Feinstein repeatedly met with Iranian officials. John Kerry has tried to undermine Trump’s Iran policy for 3 years …It makes sense why Trump kept Democrats in the dark about the Soleimani strike.”

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