Ten Child Sex Perverts Here Illegally Arrested in Texas


Ten illegals accused of selling child pornography were arrested in Texas. Child porn includes raping small children and older children who are enslaved. It includes committing heinous acts on children.

Selling this monstrous garbage is very serious.

This is what Democrats and the enabling Republicans are allowing into the country.

A group of 10 suspected illegal migrants from Asia and Guatemala have been arrested for allegedly possessing child pornography at a Texas house, police say. Homeland Security told Fox News Digital that the premises was being used as a “stash house for human smuggling activities.”

Law enforcement stated that they had to force entry into the premises after the occupants refused to let the officers in during the 9 a.m. search.

The search was prompted following a tip from the Internet Crimes Against Children database, suggesting that child pornography may have been downloaded at this location.

“Those types of downloads are illegal and are heavily monitored,” CCSO Captain Bryan Baker told Fox 26. “We’re just not going to tolerate that in our county.”

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