Terrible Idea of the Month: Getting 5-6 Vax Jabs for Gift Cards


Who couldn’t have predicted this? Disadvantaged people, lured by the free gift cards to get vaccinated, are getting over-vaccinated. Offer free gifts and they will come at the risk of their own health.

Source-recorded video shows employees of New York contracted with a medical provider, DocGoAmbulnz, discussing how people are often successful overcoming safeguards that exist to prevent people from getting excessive COVID-19 vaccinations in exchange for the incentive of receiving a $100 gift card: People are “flipping the names and the date-of-birth.”

Project Veritas investigated the practices of DocGo/Ambulnz screeners in the field and obtained undercover footage of employees appearing to give advice on how to circumvent rules to obtain gift cards in exchange for excessive vaccinations.

A registered nurse even gave advice. She’s supposed to protect people.

In one instance, a registered nurse for DocGo says “Maybe just go and not say that you’ve been there before.  Just give them a different name,” which appears to inform a potential patient on how they could avoid flagging medical systems when getting excessive vaccinations.

In another instance, an RN for DocGo/Ambulanz advises an undercover journalist for Project Veritas to “try something somewhere elsewhere it’s not the same company.”

In some cases, the gift cards don’t even have money in them.

In a shocking twist, DocGO/Ambulanz employees were also captured on undercover recordings talking about how gift cards they distribute have a zero balance. “It was in the system that the money was already removed. We’re giving out blank cards.”

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Suiciety Is the Problem
Suiciety Is the Problem
2 years ago

Read a story out of Englandistan about a man getting the experimental gene therapy eight times in order to get vaccination cards for comrades.
Went to the boxmart before it closed at zero hour last night for animal feed and there was a sad sack sitting a table passing out the N95 masks.
A couple picked some up because they were free and I thought it about but no.
This is why I stock up like crazy because food is a weapon and suiciety is the problem.
The unvaxxed heretics are hated by the COV-CULT and will be excluded, eventually there will be a Final Solution.