Terrible national security threat at the border you didn’t know about



Senator Marsha Blackburn just came back from the Arizona border and noted that El Chapo’s cartel is making a fortune off Biden’s open borders [$14 million a day].

She also described the sophisticated network for smuggling people.

If the people don’t have the money to pay the cartels, they become indentured servants to the cartels in this country. That is a very serious national security threat.

Can you imagine what that means? We are importing all of these violent gangs to destroy this country. These smuggled ‘indentured servants’ will pay by bringing the crime to our streets and they are traveling everywhere throughout the United States.

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Ricardo Jimenez
1 year ago

Everyone trying to get into this country waited until Sleepy Joe was in office, because they know that he welcomes them, just like his party. They only want voters, they don’t care how criminal they are, bexause they are just as criminal. They applaud burning buildings and would do anything to attract the felons into this country, just as long as they get the vote. Destruction of this country seems to be party policy.

Tim Shep
Tim Shep
1 year ago

This started the first day of China Joes reign. Hell yes this is a national security issue and like most democrats they will wait until the horse gets out of the barn before they close it and by then it may be to late.

1 year ago

The Republicans who voted to validate a fraudulent election on Nov. 20 are directly responsible for the border crisis as well as all of the other destructive policies now being carried out. They should be removed from our government. They should be arrested and imprisoned along with the criminal Democrat/Totalitarian cabal they’ve aided and abetted in the destruction of our Constitutional Republic.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

They are complicit. And now, those republicans are whining about the border.

Coup supporters such as Mitch and anyone he supports never get my vote.

Creepy Azz Cracka
Creepy Azz Cracka
1 year ago

Locally is getting the enrichment improvementation fundamental transformation.
At least it is an intact family and they had the Niños out hauling stuff while earning their keep in our subdivision sector.
The local nose up in the air neighborhood got some Section 8 housing! Bwahaha!
So much for the fumes of “exclusive” status from 50 years ago.
The MS-13 gang sign got scrubbed from the vacant gas station and police patrols are still active.
How about that fundamental transformation, yes we can!

O/T-Asbestos in obstetrics concern with Jay Leno apologizing for those turrible Asian jokes.
The Kamal is now considered Asian just like Chicago Jesus was all things to all people of the comrade’s unity collective.

1 year ago

Who in America is getting paid off? Who benefits from cheap Illegal labor? Who benefits from a weak America in turmoil? Why don’t Democrats think there won’t be backlash from this? Do they really think there is a place for them in the Chinese Communist Party? If they do they are truly mistaken.