Terrifying Pervs & Others Armed with Weaponry Crossing the Border


NTD‘s Kevin Hogan sat down with a congressional candidate from Arizona, Kathleen Winn, at Turning Point USA’s “America Fest 2021.”

She worked in the Arizona attorney general’s office and started a non-profit to end sexual exploitation and has helped change laws in order to stop pedophiles from making child pornography.

Winn says the U.S. southern border is wide open, with people in fatigues carrying automatic weaponry crossing illegally.

Winn also said the number of sexual predators entering the country has increased over 30-fold. She stated that the United States is not safer under the Biden administration as sex crimes are up but prosecutions are down, while police forces are being weakened, thus leading to more victims.

Her description of the scumbags that are now in business in the state is terrifying. Thank a Democrat mostly for that, but a lot of Republicans are useless on this issue.

Go to NTD to learn more and watch the video.


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