Terror-Tied CAIR Will Indoctrinate Elementary Children on Islamophobia


CAIR Oklahoma

The Council on American-Islamic Relations is a terror-tied organization started by The Muslim Brotherhood. This organization is beginning anti-Islamophobia training in the elementary schools of the United States.

They will likely indoctrinate the children.

KPBS reported that the San Diego Unified board members want to eliminate so-called Islamophobia in schools. They consider the President’s temporary ban of seven countries of concern — Islamophobia.

Hanif Mohebi of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said he’s been called to more than a dozen schools since the election in November to teach students and teachers how to handle bullying of Muslims.

In teaching Latino students, they explained that one of the rules is to minimize eye contact with Muslims as a sign of respect.

That is not our culture. We make eye contact here.

This is going on throughout the country.

It shouldn’t be long before the girls are trying on hijabs and they’re all eating halal.

Read more about CAIR at The Investigative Project


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