Testimony Accusing Katie Hobbs and Others of Being on the Take of Cartels


ArrestKatieHobbs is trending on Twitter over a lurid allegation.

On February 23, 2023, Jacqueline Breger, a forensic investigator, testified before the Arizona Senate that she and the attorney she represents, John Thaler, have evidence of extensive corruption involving the Sinaloa Cartel. It includes bribery of judges, politicians, police, and other government officials and organizations.

Katie Hobbs

Breger described a vast conspiracy — allegedly. If you believe the narrative, Katie Hobbs and Kyrsten Sinema are on the take. Allegedly, she didn’t present proof.

Mrs. Hobbs and her husband are accused of racketeering with the Sinaloa cartel.  The bribes were allegedly given as mortgages they didn’t have to pay. The real estate transactions are money laundering operations.

Thaler and Breger, an insurance agent, say they have evidence. Sundance at Conservative Treehouse says they have proof against Mr. and Mrs. Hobbs based on “similar names.”

Similar doesn’t sound like proof.

Sundance writes that Brittany Rae-Chavez and Dawna Rae-Chavez are the cartel agents in this story. Brittany Rae-Chavez is Thaler’s ex-wife, and they are fighting for custody of their young son. Thaler says he discovered his ex-wife’s cartel work during an insurance probe. Breger is his girlfriend. There is much more at the Treehouse, and it’s captivating.

I’m no Hobbs fan, but she shouldn’t be convicted in the media. It could make us all look very bad. On the other hand, I’d love to get rid of these Democrats in one fell swoop, but only if they’re guilty.

If true, it’s quite the bombshell, and it’s terrifying to think that all these people could possibly be involved with the cartel. We might as well pick up our bags and move to Peru.

We do need to wait for the evidence.

I wouldn’t miss the Wokes on the list, and if there is evidence the election was invalid, I’d love to jump on it, but we need to see a lot more before we believe this story. Although almost anything could be true, a healthy dose of skepticism should be exercised.

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