Texas AG Ken Paxton discusses his failed case before SCOTUS


Attorney General Ken Paxton felt the voter fraud case that was ignored by the Supreme Court was the only chance.

He wonders how nullifying votes is not appropriate for the Supreme Court. Paxton is also concerned about the senatorial race with the relaxed signature verifications.

If Texas doesn’t have standing, who does?





  1. Exhaust all legal means before anything drastic. Don’t be surprised if Texas becomes its own nation.
    It is bigger than Iraq in land mass but 14 million more people live in Iraq.
    Any failing is not the fault of Paxton and it did reveal the CCP SCOTUS.

  2. Isn’t it interesting that these “Originalists” appointed to SCOTUS use the “standing” doctrine when that doctrine is not in the Constitution, nor is it in any of the founding documents. It was engineered as a means to offload the burden of the courts.

  3. Believe The Democrats. We know absolutely that Trump will leave the White House if all means are exhausted, notwithstanding Pelosi and Democrats assertions. We can also see how those same Democrats project onto Republicans what they, themselves, are doing. So, if Biden survives his four years I suspect we should beware of a Biden administration doing everything imaginable to stay in office, whether wholesale cheating on a grander scale than This election, or devising some plan to prevent an election. He will not under any normal circumstances give up that office. By Any Means Necessary.

  4. I agree that the SCOTUS decision and reason is pretty lame. Sad state we’re in when there is some stupid reason for not doing the right thing-no patriotism. The odds remain overwhelming. I have no idea what criminal charges the demonrats would have anyone charge Pres Trump with when so many of them are treasonous. My dad said for the last 30 years of his life that no significant change would occur without bloodshed on capital hill and I thought he was extreme, but<@#$%% Thank the lord he is not here to see this, it would kill him.

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