Texas governor says cartels are getting rich thanks to Biden


Texas Governor Abbott said during an interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo over the weekend that the Border Patrol blame Joe Biden for the “open borders policies.”

That seems obvious but Sara Carter reports that Democrats blame Donald Trump. That’ hard to believe.

They had warned the Biden staff that there would be a massive surge, but that didn’t matter to them.

“They also said that the reason for the change, the reason for the increase and the influx is because of the policy change by the Biden administration,” Abbott said. “More importantly, though is … Border Patrol officers told me that the Biden administration policies, they are enriching and they are empowering the drug cartels in Mexico, who make money off of the people that they assist in smuggling them into the state of Texas.”

That’s what we noticed. Biden has the US in business with cartels.

“The cartels make money off of these migrants that you and your viewers see on TV. They also told me about the escalating numbers of the people coming across the border,” he added.

“In the Rio Grande Valley sector alone, all of last year, they made 90,000 apprehensions. Already this year, in the first two-and-a-half months of this year, they have made about 110,000 apprehensions. Included in those apprehensions are 800 criminal aliens who have previously been arrested and exported from the United States, 78 sex offenders, and 62 gang members, which include MS-13 gangs,” he said.

Mexico’s President Obrador


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