Texas Is Fighting with Cartels Who Have Stolen Texas Land


Our borders are wide open. They are no longer part of the United States. Currently, Texas is fighting with a vicious cartel to remove it from Texas land, Fronton Island

Our borders are a “wasteland,” as Stephen Miller calls it. “It’s a deadly nightmare realm of chaos and catastrophe with ruination unfolding in all directions. There is compassion only for criminals.

“Yes, we have a federal bureaucracy at every level working against the American people: indoctrination at school, racism in the workplace, gender conversion everywhere, law enforcement weaponized against political opponents, and lawless ethics applied and applauded.”


Progressive Democrats, who have taken over the party hate you, and they hate America. They know what they’re doing they’re not stupid.

Democrats are the party of totalitarianism and have been off and on throughout the centuries. They were responsible for slavery. To be in the Klu Klux Klan, you had to be a registered Democrat. They were responsible for the Jim Crow laws Do you know what the slogan of the Democrat party was in 1868? It was, “This is a white man’s country; let white men rule.”

They don’t care if the country has to be a wasteland for them to rule.

We are in a war on our border, but all the money we borrow from China goes to supplying Ukraine, which will likely lead to WWIII at some point. We have Putin mocking us as a country in decline without borders and rampant with crime.

Currently, our Border Patrol and Texas DPS are fighting cartels that have taken over a Texas island.


Special law enforcement teams under the Texas Department of Public Safety have begun operations on a large island in the Rio Grande to stop drug cartels and other foreign criminal organizations from using it in their schemes. It was taken over by cartels in Texas. We have known about it for years.

Fronton Island, located in Starr County across the river from Los Guerra, Mexico, has reportedly been used by cartels to facilitate drug smuggling, human trafficking, and unlawful migration. In August, video footage showed armed men in body armor near the island operating on the Texas border, per Fox 22 WFVX.

Chris Olivarez, a spokesperson for the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), explained, “The Elite [Texas DPS] Rangers Special Operations Group (SOG) began clearing an island for operational security in Fronton, TX. The island has been under control by transnational criminal organizations … for decades. The State … is now addressing threats posed to the border region.”

He noted that Gov. Greg Abbott, Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham, and the Texas Legislature gave DPS the “tools & authority to combat criminal organizations operating on Texas soil.”

“This is OUR land,” Abbott posted. “We’ve taken control of it away from transnational criminal organizations that were using it to facilitate illegal immigration & drug smuggling.”

“Plant the Texas flag,” he added.

This Newsmax clip includes direct contact with Border Patrol and a reporter on the border.

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