Texas Sends DPS Into UT Austin to Break Up the New KKK


UT Austin sent in the troopers to break up the mob of communists and fascists, causing havoc on the campus. Radicals are fine with getting arrested. They get right out and use it for publicity. Currently, Hamas is winning the PR battle.

Far-left Hamas supporters stormed the college campus, calling for a ceasefire and for UT Austin to boycott businesses and divest from Israeli-based companies.

These are the same people who attend every riot/protest. The cause doesn’t matter as long as it’s on the left.

Radical leftists and fascists have taken over our college/university campuses. Where is Biden? Oh, right, he supports AOC’s rant, who praised them as “peaceful” protesters.

Daniel Greenfield wrote that Alexander Soros, only 37 years of age, is donating to these front groups for Hamas.

“Outside, the mob of Hamas supporters were chanting “Genocide Joe” while inside, Joe Biden was trying to raise more money. Yet the terrorist supporters and the president both shared a funding source.

“The Soros clan has been accused of providing an estimated $22 million to the pro-terrorist groups storming cities in support of Hamas and an estimated $758,000 already to Biden.”

The commie and fascist students are wearing face masks? Are they hiding? Trying to avoid KKK laws? When do we start calling them KKK? It’s not white supremacists who are threatening us – it’s them.

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