Thank Chief Justice Roberts for the State of the Court


Chief Justice John Roberts has greatly weakened the court and made the Justices susceptible to threats and intimidation. He helped make it happen by showing weakness in his response to threats.

He showed that the most important thing in his mind is to have the court appear unbiased.

When the Obamacare fight reached the Supreme Court, then-President Barack Obama issued veiled threats to the Chief Justice.

Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committees, Socialist Patrick Leahy, also threatened Chief Justice Roberts weeks before the Obamacare decision was to be made public.

On the Senate floor, Leahy railed against Justice Roberts, telling him to “do the right thing” and  to follow the will of the people. Judging by the polls, the will of the people was to abolish Obamacare.

He warned Roberts to not engage in judicial activism. That’s ironic given the fact that Sotomayor and Kagan have been outspoken about their judicial activism.

Leahy was really telling him to engage in judicial activism and Roberts obliged. He twisted himself into a pretzel to come up with a hair brain decision about Obamacare as a tax and not a tax.

Roberts wanted to keep the decorum and respect for the court, but he opened a path for fascists. He’s intent on showing how impartial the jurists are.

Now we have Justices like Justice Kavanaugh being intimidated and threatened. The leftists are sending a message. It’s a message we can thank Justice Roberts for as he set the stage.

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