Thanks to CO2, the Plants Are Growing Slightly Despite Drought


In a new peer-reviewed study, NASA reports that global greening is an indisputable fact and has increased plant growth slightly since 2000. The drought has only slowed global greening but not caused global browning. The CO2 is saving us from drought.

The study found that increased plant growth, called “greening,” accelerated in 55.15% of the globe, while browning, which occurs when plants decrease in greening, occurred in only 7.28%.

The study found that human-caused carbon dioxide emissions are driving increased plant growth, which is greening the Earth, even in areas experiencing drought.

According to NASA, the study attributes the greening to carbon dioxide fertilization as well as land management, such as irrigation.

Grain and greening, thank CO2

Increases or decreases in remote sensing-based vegetation greenness are usually referred to as greening or browning. The CO2 fertilization, along with land management, determined that greening is dominant.

However, recently, global browning signals due to drought stress have also been widely reported. In this study, We used the four latest leaf area index (LAI) datasets to explore this controversial topic and found that global greening was not only present (trend between 3.1–6.4 ×10−3 m2 m−2 yr−1) but also continued (growth rate trend between 3.3–6.4 ×10−4 m2 m−2 yr−2) during 2001–2020. Greening acceleration occurred in 55.15% of the globe (positive trend and positive growth rate trend), while browning acceleration occurred in only 7.28% (negative trend and positive growth rate trend).

Combined with meteorological variables, we found that change dominated the LAI trend, while climate change largely determined the LAI growth rate trend. Importantly, our study highlighted that the drought trend did not necessarily trigger vegetation browning but slowed down the rate of greening.

Chinese, Australian, and other researchers conducted the study, which was published in the scientific journal Global Ecology and Conservation.

An international team of 32 authors from 24 institutions in eight countries led the effort with the help of NASA and NOAA.

Child in a garden, keep it green with CO2, which is NOT a pollutant. It’s the stuff of life.
The NASA article states:

…carbon dioxide fertilization isn’t the only cause of increased plant growth—nitrogen, land cover change, and climate change by way of global temperature, precipitation, and sunlight changes all contribute to the greening effect.

NASA says greening in the chief culprit of climate change. The climate has always changed. People who don’t know what they are doing need to leave it alone.

This isn’t the first study to prove this, just the latest.

Let’s not go back to these days.

This study and all the climate change data are based on models. We need to know a lot more before we destroy our energy sector and prosperity for pie-in-the-sky ideas weakly formulated.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
7 days ago

The CO2 level has increased, and the Earth is greener. A cause of the CO2 increase is man, but the relative contribution of man versus the oceans is not clear.