Here Are the 22 GOP Who Voted for an Irrevocable 3-YearWar Bill


Reuters: On Tuesday, the Democratic-led U.S. Senate passed a $95.34 billion aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. However, it faces an uncertain path in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

The lawmakers approved the measure in a 70-29 vote that exceeded the chamber’s 60-vote threshold for passage and sent it to the House. Twenty-two Republicans joined most Democrats in supporting the bill.

There hasn’t been any diplomacy or negotiations since the war began.

War, destruction, and despair

Romney’s war speech last night used every piece of propaganda he could. Read or listen to what JD Vance has said that counters Romney on the link or below

“With this bill, the Senate declares that American leadership will not waiver, will not falter, will not fail,” said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who worked closely with Republican Leader Mitch McConnell on the legislation.

The warmongers, subservient to the war machine, will not stop until we fight Russia directly. Do you want your children and grandchildren fighting Russia?

The following is an alphabetical list of the 22 Republicans who joined Democrats in voting for the bill early Tuesday:

  • Senator John Boozman of Arkansas

  • Senator Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia

  • Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana

  • Senator Kevin Cramer of North Dakota

  • Senator Michael D. Crapo of Idaho

  • Senator Susan Collins of Maine

  • Senator John Cornyn of Texas

  • Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa

  • Senator Charles E. Grassley of Iowa

  • Senator John Hoeven of North Dakota

  • Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana

  • Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky

  • Senator Jerry Moran of Kansas

  • Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska

  • Senator Jim Risch of Idaho

  • Senator Mitt Romney of Utah

  • Senator Mike Rounds of South Dakota

  • Senator Dan Sullivan of Alaska

  • Senator John Thune of South Dakota

  • Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina

  • Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi

  • Senator Todd Young of Indiana

Romney’s War Speech

Romney’s speech last night, which you can hear below, is typical of the war propaganda being fed to Americans.

His view: We can somehow afford it; Russia will invade all of Europe; Ukraine can somehow win; Ukraine is a fight for democracy; we won’t be trusted if we don’t; our European allies are paying their fair share.

There is zero evidence Russia will take over Europe. They do not have the ability. Ukraine is a WEF dictatorship, not a democracy, and the world is aligning against NATO and the West to join BRICS and destroy the dollar – they see the US as the problem in the world.

Lastly, our European allies did not pay as much as our nation did. They did not fight for Afghanistan, and they didn’t pay their NATO bills.

Romney actually said he wants more money to build up the military-industrial complex.

The bill includes an impeachment clause. He can be impeached if the next president doesn’t continue the three-year funding provision that Romney tried to play down. They didn’t remove the clause.

Romney won’t call to remove the impeachment clause. Instead, he’s pretending it’s a very remote possibility.

He and his 21 GOP colleagues want us to lead the world by starting another world war.

We can’t afford any of it. We’re overspending by about 50% and have a $34 trillion deficit we will never pay off. This is as the dollar is under attack by the rising undeveloped world.

Americans never voted to arm Ukraine until the last Ukrainian is dead, but that is what we are doing.

This war with Ukraine began in 2014 and was incited by the US. Ukraine can’t win back their land unless US/NATO gets involved with troops on the ground. That’s where we are headed. The goal here is to destroy Russia and enrich the military-industrial complex.

Romney is a liar.

The Impeachment Clause

The Poison Pill

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