The 65 Project Targets Lawyers of Republicans


by Mark Schwendau

The “two tier justice system” now responsible for false prosecution of Republican leaders while giving Democrat leaders get a free pass for real wrongdoing is strong evidence that it’s part of a plan.

In school, we heard lawyers do not attack or prosecute other lawyers since that kind of hitting below the belt could get them disbarred. After all, all lawyers are “agents of the court.” This does not put them above the law but holds them to a higher standard enforcing and protecting the law and the justice system.

The progressive liberal Democrats’ dark money of ‘The 65 Project’ was launched in March of 2022 to use the system to attack and sanction lawyers who supported President Donald Trump in the past and to dissuade others from representing him in the future. This is a clear Constitutional violation of President Trump’s right to due process.

The Fifth Amendment of 1791 was first passed to assure this right and the Fourteenth Amendment was passed in 1868 to expand the right of due process to include limits on the actions of state governments. The Bill of Rights Fifth Amendment says that no one “shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.”

The name ’65 Project’ refers to the number of lawsuits filed by those who supported President Donald Trump’s challenge of the 2020 presidential election results. They essentially use the American Bar Association (ABA) to file complaints against any attorney they see supporting President Trump.

According to The 65 Project, “In the immediate aftermath of the 2020 election, Trump-allied lawyers filed 65 lawsuits across the country to overturn the legitimate election results. Finding the assertions bogus and riddled with false statements, Republican- and Democratic-appointed judges uniformly dismissed the lawsuits.”

This organization goes on to belittle these lawyers very legitimate election theft claims saying, “We are holding accountable Big Lie Lawyers who bring fraudulent and malicious lawsuits to overturn legitimate election results, and working with bar associations to revitalize the disciplinary process so that lawyers, including public officials, who subvert democracy will be punished.”

Even though this new organization claims to be bipartisan, their very obvious goal is to prevent conservative attorneys from challenging election results. The group is pushing the American Bar Association (ABA) to codify rules prohibiting certain election challenges and adopting language that “fraudulent and malicious lawsuits to overturn legitimate election results violate the ethical duties lawyers must abide by.”

As reported by Senior Ed-at-Large, host @BreitbartNews and @SiriusXMPatriot Joel B. Pollak on March 7, 2022, David Brock a Left-wing ideologue launched this “dark money” effort to disbar, publicly shame, and impoverish more than 100 lawyers who participated in filing post-election legal challenges to the 2020 presidential election results.

In an interview Brock told Axios the idea is to “not only bring the grievances in the bar complaints but shame them and make them toxic in their communities and in their firms.” Brock also admitted he is trying to deprive his targets of their ability to earn a living.

Alan Dershowitz, a Constitutional expert and Harvard Law Professor Emeritus and Democrat voter, wrote the following newsletter dated June 15, 2023, “Why Donald Trump Can’t Get A Top Tier Lawyer.”

“There is a nefarious group that calls itself The 65 Project that has as its goal to intimidate lawyers into not representing Trump or anyone associated with him.

“They have threatened to file bar charges against any such lawyers. When these threats first emerged, I wrote an op-ed offering to defend pro bono any lawyers that The 65 Project goes after. So The 65 Project immediately went after me, and contrived a charge based on a case in which I was a constitutional consultant, but designed to send a message to potential Trump lawyers: if you defend Trump or anyone associated with him, we will target you and find something to charge you with. The lawyers to whom I spoke are fully aware of this threat — and they are taking it seriously.”

Professor Dershowitz recently called out The 65 Project as the “New McCarthyism” as they attacked him as well for a single paragraph opinion he wrote about voting in Arizona related to Kari Lake’s supposed loss for Arizona Governor.



The first word I thought of in hearing about this story was “despicable”. The second thing I thought about in this story is how this is very parallel to the criminal act of “Swatting” whereby a false police call is made to local law enforcement to get them to raid a private residence of an innocent person by a SWAT team.

The third thing I thought of is this misuse of the ABA is a sword that can cut both ways.

They can report ethics-violations also.

I suggest filing complaints on every attorney who attacks Donald Trump!


Copyright © 2023 by Mark S. Schwendau


Mark S. Schwendau is a retired technology professor who has always had a sideline in news-editorial writing where his byline has been, “Bringing little known news to people who simply want to know the truth.”  His website is www.IDrawIWrite.Tech.

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