Dershowitz: “Radical McCarthyites” Threaten Any Lawyer Who Defends Trump


Alan Dershowitz told Charlie Kirk on his show that lawyers won’t defend Donald Trump because the “65 Project has threatened them.” If anyone defends Trump, this nefarious lawfare group files complaints with the Bar Association, which is also left-wing.

The 65 Project’s Senior Advisor is David Brock, the founder of Media Matters for America and American Bridge 21st Century. He is tied to George Soros, who has given Media Matters and American Bridge a million dollars each.

The managing director is Michael Teter, Ray Epps’ lawyer. Teter is the lawyer who informed Fox they were preparing to sue and demanded an apology from Tucker Carlson.

Teter worked at Perkins Coie, has close ties to the DNC, and was a field director for the presidential campaign of John Kerry.

Getting back to the threats. While Mr. Dershowitz says there might be other reasons for lawyers declining his defense, he is hearing this is one of the reasons.

This can’t be legal, but who will investigate? The FBI? Not a chance. Isn’t this extortion? if nothing else, it’s extremely unethical.

Influence Watch has information:

The 65 Project is a campaign targeting lawyers who aided attempts by then-President Donald Trump and his supporters to overturn the 2020 election results using advertisements, threats of disbarment, and changing rules within the American Bar Association, ostensibly to deter future similar efforts.

The 65 Project was “devised” by Democratic consultant and former Clinton administration official Melissa Moss. It is a project of Law Works, a group with no website or public financial disclosures. LawWorks has previously received grants from public policy-oriented foundation Democracy Fund and is a fiscal project of the Franklin Education Forum, a nonprofit organization that provides training and support to “advance and broaden the appeal of the progressive cause.”

The name “65 Project” refers to the number of lawsuits filed by supporters of President Donald Trump to overturn the 2020 presidential election.


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