The Best Reason We’ve Heard to Explain the Navy’s Drag Queen Recruiter


People want to know why the Navy is using a Drag Queen to recruit sailors. Do they want only Drag Queens to join? Perhaps they want to prove their WOKE. What could be driving this?

The best reason so far comes from conservative activist Rogan O’Handley.

“We are experiencing an attack on our country from within. This humiliation is intentional. It is meant to demoralize our nationalism, our patriotism, our soldiers, our citizens. What they did when they brought back Brittany Griner, but not that U.S. Marine imprisoned in Russia, with the Afghanistan withdrawal, when they let the Chinese spy balloons, plural, fly over our country unmolested.”

“This is intentional. This is part of a globalist strategy where no one has national pride. Where they feel hopeless against the power of a regime running them and where they submit to a global order.

“That’s the big picture. This drag performer is just their puppet to help facilitate that goal.”

What better target to pick to destroy our pride in this nation than the source of so much pride – the US military?

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