What? Really, Budweiser? Another Dumb Excuse!


Anheuser Busch is making dumb excuses again for the Dylan Mulvaney ads. Anheuser-Busch InBev CEO Michel Doukeris weighed in on the controversy around Bud Light’s Dylan Mulvaney promotion. On Thursday, during an earnings call, he said it was ‘not a formal campaign.’

Instead of making excuses, why don’t they admit the truth? They need to say they won’t be political any longer, and they will just sell beer.

Just shut up and sell beer!

The CEO said Anheuser-Busch is “providing direct financial support” to the frontline workers impacted by the boycott, naming delivery drivers, sales representatives, wholesalers, bar owners, and servers. Doukeris said the brewing giant will triple media spending on advertising for Bud Light over the summer, confirming reports that the company is planning a major marketing push to recover its brand, Fox reports.

We do feel sorry for the collateral damage created by a beer company pretending a man is a woman.

These ridiculous excuses have to stop. No one believes them, and it makes people more committed to continuing the organic boycott.

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