The Big Lie in The Georgia Case Against Donald J. Trump


Political strategist Roger Stone appeared on the John B Wells Show last night in order to discuss an array of relevant political topics. One of those topics was the potential Georgia criminal case against Donald J. Trump.

I wonder if you realize the context in which Donald Trump asked the secretary of state of Georgia to find 11,000 votes.

He preceded the request with a breakdown of where the illegal votes might be found. No one is mentioning that. All they say is he told Secretary of State Raffensperger to find 11,000 votes.

This is part of the deception that we have been subjected to 24/7. the Georgia DA Fani Willis has every intention of bringing charges against Trump. She is a Soros-funded DA who ran on getting Trump.

Stone predicted that former President Donald Trump will be charged with witness tampering by Fulton County prosecutors in Georgia. Stone explains, “They base this, totally, on a recorded phone call that has six lawyers on the line, and this idea that Trump told the Secretary of State, ‘go find 11,870 votes’.

“I have listened to the entire recording, Stone said, “I’ve also read the transcript, it’s very long and tedious, but what he actually says is, ‘you have already inadvertently counted 11,870 illegal votes.’ 5,500 of them were convicted felons, another 1,100 were people who were no longer alive, and so on. He breaks it down, and ‘when you throw those out, I would win,’ that’s what he’s saying. There’s nothing illegal there; there’s nothing improper there!”

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