The Black Players Who Want to Injure the Standout White Player


Caitlin Clark is a female basketball phenom, and with that comes abuse by fellow players. Part of it is about race. White people have been viciously demonized, and people of color think they are justified in trashing white people.  That is one of the reasons why players in a sport that black girls think they own are hitting Clark during games and then bashing her online and to the media. They want to injure her, and the teammates cheer the attackers.

The team could send a brute in to do the same to them. That’s what they do in hockey.

Where is the commissioner? It’s obvious now that these girls need some lessons in sportsmanship.

Thank left-wing, mostly white Democrats for creating much of this hatred toward whites.

The League must do something about the jealous females trying to hurt Caitlin Clark. This shouldn’t go on. Only the League can do something about it. These radical girls knocking her down and trashing her online are out of control.

They’re very stupid to do it. Clark is bringing in fans and money, making their sport popular. Her only problem is she is a white heterosexual.

Even Charles Barkley and LeBron said they should stop since Clark is doing so much for female basketball.

The latest perfect example is Angel Reese. She could be a wonderful role model for girls. Instead, she’s chosen to model nastiness, jealousy, and racism.

As Brandon Tatum says, these girls don’t get it.

Jason Whitlock:

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