Sec. Mayorkas Admits to Legalizing Illegal Immigration


The Biden administration has redefined illegal immigration. As long as you come through the “legal pathways” they set up, you’re here legally. So, if you’re an illegal alien just stroll through the acceptable gateways and say you have a credible threat, and you are here legally under the globalist administration.

“The goal here is to reduce the number of people who come to the southern border of the United States and cross illegally,” Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorakas said. “Our goal is to drive people who seek and need humanitarian relief into the lawful, safe, and orderly pathways that we have built, and so individuals who arrive at our border and cross illegally will be barred from asylum with exceptions.”

You could drive a car through the exceptions. Credible fear is the all-encompassing one.

The illegal immigration of minors is one of the exceptions. That’s how cartels are trafficking children for labor and sex. He’s adhering to “our values.”

They are all liars and think you are stupid.

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